Welcome 30 Fellows, 41 Crew Members



A film-maker / outreach worker.  An art therapist / coordinator.  An animator / group home worker. A soccer coach / support worker. These are just four of the Fellows we’re thrilled to welcome into the Fifth Space.

After two-months of recruitment and team deliberation, we’ve selected an eclectic mix of staff. From all levels of the organizational hierarchy. Newbies and Oldies. Skeptics and Enthusiasts. Creative doers and Analytic thinkers.

We used this score-card to try and mix & match applicants. Our goal was to select a team. Not simply a set of individuals. On 27 January, we’ll bring everyone together for the first time. To have them taste test space.

Screenshot 2015-01-19 00.53.27

But, boy was it tough to not be able to take everyone into The Fifth Space. That’s why we’ve come up with another way to engage in space. We’ve invited 41 staff members to join as Crew Members. Crew Members get:

  1. Access: Access to online videos, workshops, and course content to learn about ethnography, prototyping, design, etc.
  2. Words: Get the draft version of our Fifth Space & Kudoz Magazine, and give us comments and ways to improve.
  3. Spacers: Be matched with a buddy from another agency in a similar position who is working within the Fifth Space. They can share their learning. You can add your point-of-view.
  4. Marketplace: Get a first look at ideas being tried out in the Fifth Space by coming to the Marketplace where teams will be sharing their ideas to get feedback
  5. Bridges: Shadow a team working in the Fifth Space and feed your learning back to your co-workers in your agency.

Let the fun begin!