Teamwork in acceleration

By Rosalind Ho // Fifth Space Fellow & CARRA Team Meber


Fifth Space is all about teamwork in acceleration.

Normally, it takes at least days or weeks for teams to be formed, with careful consideration of what skills each person can bring to the whole team. Then it takes weeks more for teams to gel into a cohesive whole. Fifth Space teams do all this, but at warp speed.

The members of my team were practically strangers to each other when we first connected with each other as members of team CARRA. We come from two different agencies, from different departments within the same agencies; a tenuous framework of 5 people connected only by a shared passion for dealing with the challenge of finding employment for people with disabilities.

From the beginning, I have felt both amazingly comfortable with the people who I will be working with once a week for the next 6 months and rather confused about what we are expected to achieve in those 6 months. We have not settled into any clearly defined roles, which I think is good as it keeps our team from becoming static and unimaginative.

One lesson that we have learned so far is that worrying about the end goal is counterproductive. Over the past week, we talked about what sort of end product we should produce, but this is based upon the underlying assumption that our user group (youth-friendly business owners) will expect us to produce a concrete end result. Once we redefined our project as a “fishing” expedition, we stopped thinking about what we might be able to accomplish and within a short time we had slapped together a poster and a list of ethnographic questions for small business owners.

I look forward to what we will be doing next :). Onward and upward!!